Sunset at Emerald Lake - shikha's photography

July 3, 2014 - Thunderstorm and heavy downpour in the late afternoon was followed by fast moving clouds as the storm began to clear. Rain had enhanced visibility, clarity and accentuated the verdure with glittering water droplets resting on them. Rich emerald colored waters of the lake glistened in the magic light as the sun set behind the surrounding hills leaving the sky blazing red and orange. Rarely do you have a tryst with nature when both the sky and the water body are so colorful. One advantage of this viewpoint was that the skies reflected in the lake only partially - highly desirable else the natural turquoise colors of the lake would have been lost and it would have looked like any other water body reflecting the red sky.

This was sunset and I was looking West. The challenge was to capture a high contrast light situation in  one shot such that both the sky and the lake colors are preserved.  Details in the sky were just as important as the shimmering lake and the bright leaves in the foreground.  I made use of graduated neutral density filter to block the light by 3-stops in the sky so that I could achieve a well balanced exposure. Wrong exposure could have overblown the sky highlights or would have rendered the foreground and the lake dull. I tried to do justice to both. Can you see rain drops on the leaves ? 

I allowed the shutter to remain open for 20 secs  to capture cloud dynamics in the aftermath of the storm. It was 10: 30 PM when I left this place. Long summer in higher latitudes can be very demanding. The next day was overcast and I gave complete rest to my camera.

This is my best image of 2014 and perhaps the best sunset shot till date. Hope you liked it too. Happy New Year and thanks for reading !