Everytime I travel to National Parks, I am outdoors during dawn, the most beautiful time of the day. Sometimes I enjoy moments before sunrise much more than the actual sunrise. Long summer days in higher latitudes demanded that I be at this location as early as 4:45 AM. I had my setup ready and just before the sunrise soft alpenglow illuminated the Victoria glacier ! It lasted for a few minutes only. Lake Louise was gorgeous with its blue-green waters. I was here on two mornings. I hoped for clouds on one of the days but it remained clear on both the days. Water was choppy on one of the days and serene on the other day when I captured reflections.

Technical info:

Exposed for 1 sec , Aperture f/10 , ISO 50 @ 24mm

Canon 6D, Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8 lens

Tripod : Silk Pro

Since sunrise is yet to happen, the light is very soft , dynamic range is low and is easy on camera. When converting my raw file to jpeg, I improved the shadows a little in Lightroom to highlight the details

Sunrise a little later. The picture below captured Victoria glacier dazzling  in golden light.

Technical Info:

Exposed for .25 sec, ISO 50, Aperture f/16 @24 mm

I also used a 3-stop , soft edge neutral graduated density filter. The neutral filter doesn't add any color cast. It stops light by 3-stops in a graduated manner , thus helping achieve a balanced exposure with details well exposed in highlights as well as shadows.